Frequently Asked Questions

This is a partnership between Goodlife Pharmacy and Daktari Africa to offer convenient, face-to-face doctor consultations that save you time and money.

A high percentage of Kenyans do not have access to a Doctor. The few with access experience difficulties in fully engaging with their doctor.  The main reasons for this have been;
a) Time constraints
b) Distance from homes/workplaces to clinics
c) The doctor’s availability and limited clinic slots
d) Lack of integrated, trackable patient health records
e) High consultation fees.

To aid the public in the better managementof their health by focusing on connecting patients to doctors using a smart IT solution.MyGoodlifeDaktari aims to provide you with an affordable and convenient service that allows you tosee the right doctor at the right time and record, track and manage your own health data.

My Goodlife Daktari is a solution for;
a) Anyone who visits Goodlife Pharmacy seeking health advice from a health professional.
b) The busy professional with little time to queue at a doctor’s clinic or hospital for an appointment
c) The busy mother with a sick child that needs immediate advice
d) Follow-up appointments for patients on chronic medication
e) An avenue for a second medical opinion that can make a difference by taking a second look at your case, perhaps bringing forth a different perspective and answering questions that have not been understood.

MyGoodlifeDaktari has the largest such database of Online Doctors in Kenya with the widest range of specializations. The platform gives you access to over 400doctors across the country, including but not limited toGPs, Paediatricians, Gynaecologists, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists and Dentists.
The pilot project is currently available at Ridgeways Malland Ngong Road only.
The online platform is available at Goodlife Ridgeways and Ngong Road pharmacies during hours of operation only.

My Goodlife Daktari provides the following solutions;
a) Collection of patient data/history and the recording and maintenance of the data
b) Assessment of illnesses and injuries
b) Diagnostics
c) Prescriptions
c) Follow-ups
d) Hospital referrals
e) Counselling

Our platform allows you to recordyourown bio data taken by a Pharmacist or by yourself. This data can then be shared with a doctor of your choice duringany online or physical consultation.
MyGoodlifeDaktari aims to provide you with an Affordable and convenient service that allows you tosee the right doctor at the right time.
Ksh 800 for consultation and three vital tests; Temperature, Blood pressure and BMI
The patient is required to have a face to face interaction with the doctor.
The MyGoodlifeDaktari patient is always in control. You choose who you want to support yourneeds. The platform allows you to confirm the doctor'scredentials and Medical Board Number even before placinga call. Once the video conferencing call is initiated, youcan confirm that the doctor you are speaking to is thesame as the one on your preferred profile.
The doctor will refer you for more tests and specialized treatment.
Yes. The available doctor can refer you to a hospital’s emergency department or an urgent care center. Follow-up outpatient care can also be carried out by our doctors.
They are private practitioners but are affiliated to Goodlife.
In case a physical follow-up is advised, then youcan visit the doctor that you spoke to or any of ouravailable doctors who are stationed within a shortwalking/driving distance of the pharmacy.
From the doctors profile you can view which hospitals a doctor is able to refer and also assist in admitting you if necessary.